Find out what you need to apply to KPMG

A competitive KPMG applicant will need:

  • 2.1 in any degree discipline
  • 300 UCAS tariff points (26 UCAS points) from top 3 A levels
  • B at GCSE maths and English language or equivalent.

Applicants to the Audit Mandarin scheme must be fully fluent in both English and Mandarin before applying.

Those applying for the Japan Practice in Tax scheme must also be fluent in Japanese to Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT3). This will be tested in the final interview.

Can you apply to KPMG with a 2.2?

If it looks as if a 2.2 is on the cards for you, all hope is not lost – KPMG’s application form (which you can access via the 'Apply online' button) allows students the opportunity to present an argument for any mitigating circumstances that may have affected their final degree classification. Something as simple as 'too many time pressures with degree, work and societies' will not be considered a good enough excuse, however.

KPMG claims that it bases its initial decisions on three factors:

  • academic results
  • work experience
  • the candidate’s performance in a situational judgement test.

Nine key skills for KPMG graduates

KPMG is looking for nine 'behavioural capabilities' in graduates and interns. The firm regards these as vital characteristics for a successful employee. Think about examples from your own life that show you possess these qualities:

  1. Career motivation – KPMG describes itself as ‘unashamedly ambitious’. Employees are expected to identify the major goals they wish to achieve both personally and professionally. When you apply make sure you have a clear picture of your goals for the early stages of your career.
  2. Delivers quality – can you produce high quality work, consistently and time efficiently?
  3. Drives collaboration and inclusion – are you able to work in a team with colleagues and forge new relationships with clients?
  4. Strives for continual improvement – if you are able to be critical of yourself you will be driven to improve.
  5. Exercises professional judgement – are you able to gather information, analyse it and come to reasoned conclusions? Can you also devise appropriate solutions to problems?
  6. Makes an impact – you must be able to communicate a point with clarity and purpose to colleagues and clients alike, thereby winning their respect.
  7. Seizes business opportunities – this is another way of phrasing ‘commercial awareness’. You should be able to present an understanding of the wider issues around KPMG’s business and should be able to identify which of these are particularly pertinent.
  8. Demonstrates innovation and curiosity – are you capable of approaching tasks from creative angles and with limited resources?
  9. Resilience – show you can behave professionally, work under pressure and demonstrate optimism even under difficult circumstances.

Recruiter view

'There is value to having awards and scholarships on a CV and often an interviewer will ask for more information around them – they demonstrate the ability to juggle multiple activities, which mirrors working life.'

KPMG recruitment team

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