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What to expect at KPMG’s Launch Pad

During Launch Pad, KPMG recruiters will be looking to see if you can demonstrate certain behavioural capabilities.

KPMG introduced its assessment event ‘Launch Pad’ two years ago, to streamline the recruitment process for its applicants.  In one day, candidates complete stages that traditionally would have taken several weeks to get through: a first interview, assessment centre exercises and a final interview. You’ll find out within two days if you’ve been successful, and, if there is no job offer forthcoming, you’ll be offered feedback.

The firm is proud to be the only Big 4 professional services firm to offer this type of graduate recruitment process and comments that the Launch Pad allows ‘students the chance to gain new skills, network with existing KPMG staff and partners, as well as their peers’.

KPMG’s nine behavioural capabilities

During your time at Launch Pad, KPMG recruiters will be looking to see if you can demonstrate – and be ready to discuss examples of when you have demonstrated – certain behavioural capabilities. ‘Consider how you’ve demonstrated these behaviours in your life, using specific recent examples. These can be from hobbies and academia, to part-time jobs. Remember what you did, the role you played and the challenges you faced,’ the firm recommends. Here are the nine behavioural capabilities KPMG is looking for:

  1. Career motivation
  2. Delivers quality
  3. Drives collaboration and inclusion
  4. Strives for continual improvement
  5. Exercises professional judgement
  6. Makes an impact
  7. Seizes business opportunities
  8. Demonstrates innovation and curiosity
  9. Resilience

The firm’s website offers a useful summary of each of these capabilities, and offers advice about finding examples of times you have demonstrated them.

How KPMG will assess you

We can’t tell you exactly what to expect during your Launch Pad day, but be prepared for these typical assessment centre elements: a partner interview, a group exercise and a written exercise.

Group exercise

Previous candidates have described being placed into six groups of five members each, and being asked to create, within their group, a new app: from an app to help young people save money to one designed to encourage recycling. Group members, working together, were assessed while completing challenges such as:

  • coming up with a name and logo for the app
  • writing a description for the app store
  • creating an official website (instructions were given)
  • considering what data they would use to improve customer experience
  • deciding which new technologies (out of serval options) would benefit the app.  

Partner Interview

Pervious candidates have reported being asked the following types of questions at their partner interviews:

  • Why KPMG?
  • What do you think a typical day at work will be like?
  • Describe a time you were in a stressful situation and how you handled it?
  • How do you manage your time?
  • Is there anything new you learnt about yourself today?

Written exercise

Candidates were asked to analyse a report on a fictional company, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. They then had to offer recommendations for improvement.

Where to get more help

KPMG does not give much away on its website about what to expect at Launch Pad, but it does offer candidates the opportunity to join private Facebook groups, specific to each Launch Pad event. You can get to know fellow candidates before the day, and receive hints and tips to help you prepare.


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