Rachel did both a BA and a Master’s in History at the University of Oxford before taking a gap year. She joined the Audit team at our Reading office, and is currently seconded to the Audit Data & Analytics department.

“When choosing a graduate job, the idea of a company with an international reach appealed to me. One with a diverse range of opportunities and latitude to move around. Audit in general seemed like a good foundation because it gives you different options for the future.

KPMG’s application and interview process gave a very good impression. They were very accommodating. After I took my year out after university, I had my KPMG offer already and they were willing to defer it for a year.

During my gap year I had a scholarship to study Mandarin in Taiwan. I know I’ll have opportunities to leverage that in the future at one of KPMG’s offices, which is why a global network of member firms felt right for me.

Where I work now in my Data Analytics secondment, we use advanced tools to support audit teams - they come to us with client data and we perform more specific analysis on their behalf, then feed it back to them.

I’ve picked up a lot of skills working here, such as SQL. I created a process that made our revenue testing more efficient which got national recognition.Although I did a humanities degree, I have always enjoyed the tech side of things. If you have the interest, the training and support are there for you. That’s how KPMG operates.

“I can spend six days a year helping whatever charitable causes I choose. I love that we’re given that freedom.”

Aside from my normal work, I’m opted to be on the Corporate Responsibility committee of the KPMG Reading office. I manage the relationship with one of the charities we sponsor, which is a homeless charity, as well as the Reading Partners programme where we help coach children in primary school to read.

The further you go at KPMG the more and more interesting it becomes, as more and more opportunities open up to you.”