Being inclusive:

Everyone brings a unique perspective. So whoever you are and however you got here, we’ll recognise your contribution is one of a kind. Our diverse workforce is one of our greatest strengths.
Our leadership understands that KPMG has a responsibility to set standards with regards to inclusivity. That’s why we’re working towards a partnership culture where inclusion is the norm and everyone throughout the firm sees good examples of inclusive leadership every day.

We work to embody the spirit of inclusivity by:

  • Recruiting and rewarding our people based on merit, irrespective of difference and background, in a fair and consistent way
  • Embracing an ‘intelligent working’ culture and policy
  • Providing support to our employees though our many Employee Networks
  • Offering a wide range of support options for parental leave, both before and after, including workshops for returners and access to emergency childcare
  • Providing role models and mentors for those who wish for guidance, including our flagship programme for mid-career women
  • Encouraging our staff to celebrate diverse events, including Chinese New Year, International Women’s Day, London Pride, Ramadan and Black History Month, among other events
  • Sharing best practice with organisations such as Race for Opportunity, Stonewall, Business Disability Forum and Working Families