Laing O'Rourke

“I had always liked putting things together and working out how they worked. At school, I was very into art and science, so engineering was a perfect choice: it gave me the opportunity to use my creativity whilst applying all the things I had learnt in Maths and Physics.

I wanted to be able to walk through the streets of cities around the world in the future and say that I had a hand in helping shape it. It’s the ability to touch the lives of people in our society that inspires me.  There aren’t many professions in the world that allow someone to leave a long lasting mark on society.

The Graduate Programme has been a fun and different experience for me in the sense that it develops skills that are not just technical, but personal as well.  At our last modules, we had some insightful sessions on how to present ourselves and explored various interactive and interpersonal skills- something that engineers often don’t care about. It was surely an invaluable experience that I will always remember throughout my career.  

Within the next few years I’d like to get even more hands on experience on our fantastic projects, and really find out how structures are put together in the flesh. I would also like to keep pushing forward with the innovation agenda, as I think that we are at a tipping point within the construction industry.”