What candidates are assessed on at an L.E.K. interview

You should provide commercial justifications for any assumptions you make.

The L.E.K. website provides three sample case studies for you to practise on, plus 16 (at the time of writing) videos offering interview tips. We've also rounded up some top tips from consulting firms to help you get ready.

L.E.K. case study

At L.E.K every interview consists of a case study question and some competency-based questions. Recent interview questions are said to include:

  • Can you estimate the size of the t-shirt market in the UK?
  • How would you advise a company to cope with recession?
  • Can you estimate the US market size for a new pill that cures male baldness?

Candidates are assessed on how creatively they approach a business problem, their ability to draw on related knowledge and experience and their quantitative analysis skills. The firm recommends getting familiar with the kind of work that it does, as this will help you anticipate the kinds of questions that will be asked. During the case study questions you should provide commercial justifications for any assumptions you make.

L.E.K. second-round interviews

Also held at the London office, the second round of interviews is conducted by partners. There is the same mix of competency and case questions but with an added emphasis on establishing the candidate's motivation for pursuing a career in consultancy.

Candidates are also asked to prepare and present a short presentation (all instruction & preparation is carried out on the day of the assessment).

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