Put some thought into it: applying to L.E.K. Consulting

L.E.K. recruiters are very keen to know what you’ve done outside your studies.

Demonstrate that you have what L.E.K. is looking for

The traits L.E.K. most values in its graduate employees are:

  • outstanding academic achievement
  • analytical ability
  • collaborative approach
  • intellectual curiousity
  • demonstrated leadership.

It is worth bearing these in mind when constructing your CV for L.E.K. If you have experience of working in a team, perhaps from fundraising projects or college sports, you can use this to demonstrate that you are capable of a ‘collaborative’ approach. Others, such as ‘demonstrated leadership’, may prove more difficult; it doesn’t mean being bossy. If you’ve had a particular idea when working on a group project, you can talk about how you proposed, followed through with and implemented this initiative. The focus in most of your examples should be on what you, personally, have contributed and achieved.

Show L.E.K. that you share its values

You might be attracted by the fact that L.E.K. was the first carbon-neutral global management consulting form across all its operations. Alternatively, are you particularly impressed by its range of community support programmes, including a focus on social mobility and education? How about its Women’s Network, designed to encourage and support female leaders within the firm? There should be at least one way in which L.E.K.’s values align with yours; you can draw on this in your application, preferably backed up with an example of past actions and activities that demonstrate this.

Prove you know what working at L.E.K. is about

L.E.K. is a strategy consulting firm and the emphasis of its work is therefore on solving issues rather than implementing the solutions. Reports suggest that the associate consultant role at L.E.K. involves a great deal of analysis and using programs such as Excel and PowerPoint. L.E.K. emphasises its training as being particularly high-quality and comprehensive.

Compared to most top consultancies, teams at L.E.K. do not spend a great deal of time on client sites: less travel is involved, with employees working mainly in their home office. This entails less direct client interaction, so while it is good to promote your client-facing skills and adaptability on your CV, do not highlight client interaction and travel as your main motivations for pursuing consulting. L.E.K. does, however, run an international office swap programme, through which employees can spend six months working in one of L.E.K.’s offices in another country – so there are opportunities to work abroad.

At L.E.K. the case duration is shorter than the industry average, so if you are keen on variety then this might be something to pick up on; you can expect a reasonably fast turnover of projects and the chance to work with many different sectors.

Demonstrate your extracurricular side

L.E.K. recruiters are very keen to know what you’ve done outside your studies. As well as identifying academic achievements and work experience, your CV is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate pursuits outside your degree. Ensure you highlight these key achievements, placing particular emphasis on those that identify skills transferable to the workplace. Keep the description brief, whilst ensuring you identify your role, the skills you developed and the outcomes achieved. Collectively, extracurricular activities demonstrate time management skills – juggling a busy academic schedule along with other commitments – and provide evidence of your reliability and proactivity.

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