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Student Placement Software Project Engineers & Developers

Join us for the Lighthouse Experience - personal development, challenges, team work and training. 

As part of our Placement Programme you will engage with international companies, working on real projects with potential to visit customer sites, working with companies such as Nissan, Airbus and United Biscuits.

We are looking for high achieving students studying an IT related, maths or physics degrees.

• Learn and implement scripted interfaces to factory devices, databases and ERP systems
• Develop web-pages that represent a factory layout – allowing operators to interact through a point and click interface
• Work with customers to help diagnose and resolve issues, often connecting up to remote sites via VPN links and remote control screens
• Engage in the test process for product release
• Learn SQL in order to write complex queries on the Shopfloor-Online database which provide end-user reports
• Write Stored Procedures for Oracle and SQL-Server
• Observe and be part of the development and delivery cycle of a commercial software application
• Make on-site visits around the UK and Europe as part of the delivery and implementation team
• Be part of a highly skilled and dedicated team 

“The skills I developed on this placement will be incredibly valuable for the rest of my degree and the future.” 

We believe in placing students in a challenging environment in which they are allowed to, and expected to, take on a lot of responsibility and in which they will learn a vast amount during their year with us. The more keen and capable you are, the more experience you will gain. The work is varied and exciting; covering all aspects of the design cycle.

Our hope is that those who excel will come back. A high percentage of the team currently at Lighthouse Systems have joined us through this programme.

Remember to mention TARGETjobs when contacting employers!