How you got the job and why you chose Lighthouse Systems

  • Applied through a recruitment agency who put me through to a skills test where I completed two competency tests, passing these I went onto a skills test where some programming questions were asked and general administration, email responses and prioritisation. Managing to pass this, I was able to receive an interview; for myself I was the only attendee rather than a group interview where I participated in interviews with the different departments of the company and showed off some coding I have done previously.
  • I chose lighthouse as they were very similar to my placement company, small in size, “family” orientated and had an interesting industry they work in. I felt like exploring a different aspect to my placement whilst keeping the things I liked about it and hit the nail on the head at Lighthouse.

What your role involves: typical activities and key responsibilities

  • Contact with customers, investigating and solving issues whilst managing their expectation
  • Looking in the database, writing simplex and complex queries for investigation and creating reports
  • Reading, Amending and creating C# scripts to automate tasks, process or generate data and for performing complex actions
  • Reviewing other employees work
  • Helping colleagues
  • Answering phone

What training the graduate has received

  • For the first 7 weeks all the new employees are trained from current employees on the whole system. Each section is broken down into a week split between technical (General C#/SQL), product admin (Creating custom pieces of our software that customers would see) and theory.

If the graduate is on a structured/formal scheme, what that involves

  • No scheme

Highlights of the work you have done

  • Created C# scripts that many of our customers use to automate tasks
  • Created C# scripts that overcome difficult issues to perform multiple actions at once, this has allowed the customer to do their work from one form rather than multiple
  • Helped in the refresh of a system module creating new functionality in the core product
  • SQL Query performance – helped speed up queries that have slowed down after years of data collection
  • Only being here a year yet been to India and Serbia to travel on-site

What the you enjoy about their job

  • Complex system to learn – challenges to push past
  • Site Travel
  • Great working atmosphere
  • Able to dive into multiple different coding languages – coming from a non-coding background and being self-taught it’s amazing to see how far I have come.
  • What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome any difficult situations – what support has been provided
  • Being self-taught, amended complex C# scripts or attempting to rewrite SQL queries to increase their performance was difficult. Having people in the company willing to help and teach allowed me to learn so much and overcome these challenges.

Why you like working for Lighthouse Systems and anything that is particularly perky!

  • Free Lunch
  • Site Travel
  • Amazing employees, feel right at home