Why did you join Linklaters?

I joined Linklaters having done four weeks’ work experience at the firm during a Summer vacation scheme. If I’m honest, I came along to the scheme with no expectations – I wasn’t sure that corporate law would be for me. My friends at university were signing up to management consultancy, banking, teaching, and civil service roles, and it was difficult to tell what type of job would most suit me at that stage. However, I really enjoyed my vacation scheme – I learnt a lot and I found that Linklaters was the kind of place I could imagine myself working. I subsequently finished university and went through the GDL and LPC at law school, and Linklaters supported me all the way. Most graduates apply to more than one firm.

Did you already have your mind made up that Linklaters was going to be the one for you if they offered you a Training Contract?

I applied to a whole host of law firms. I attended vacation schemes at three of these firms over the course of a year, with the initial idea being that I would then do a round of training contract applications to several firms. However, doing the vacation schemes convinced me that I would definitely accept a job at Linklaters if it was offered to me. It helped that I had made lots of friends during those four weeks who had made the same decision!

Do you have your career already mapped out?

I think it would be naive to say, as a trainee, that I have my whole career mapped out ahead of me! Careers seem to me to be fluid – I’ve even changed my mind on what kind of law I would like to practise several times so far! One partner I worked with changed his practice area a number of times during his career to keep up with changing times, and to avoid periods of quiet when the market changed – and that flexibility is something I really admire.

What are your ambitions as a lawyer?

My ambition is always to grow, to learn and to develop – and this is something that Linklaters positively encourages through regular training sessions and career development programmes. As a lawyer, I hope to develop my own client relationships and secure lots of repeat work by delivering high quality advice, and by staying one step ahead of the game when it comes to regulatory changes and tactical commercial opportunities. I would make it my aim to produce innovative solutions quickly when presented with new challenges, drawing on my own varied experience and that of my colleagues.

Why do you think someone should join Linklaters?

It may sound clichéd, but Linklaters is really the best of the best of commercial law firms.
We have an incredibly diverse range of teams working on projects to suit every personality
type – from fast-paced multi-jurisdictional transactions to long and complex court cases, to specialist advisory work. My own personal experience has indicated that we have few rivals when it comes to the quality of work we present to clients; the breadth of support we receive even as trainees (from secretaries, paralegals, information assistants, professional support lawyers and document technicians – you name it) and the flexibility of our working patterns (including increased holiday allowances, time off in lieu when deals get hectic and working one day a week from home once you qualify). Plus, we have the best canteen by far, a gym and the fortnightly social on a Friday!