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Lockheed Martin UK graduates


8.7 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2018)


"Our pay is very competitive."
Mid level, Whiteley
"The early careers pay is competitive and one of the higher-paid jobs in the industry."
Graduate, Havant
"There's incredible progression on the graduate scheme with respect to pay rises and a joining bonus."
Graduate, Ampthill
"It is a good salary and pay rises are regular. However, there is no bonus scheme and the position you work in does not always seem to reflect the salary."
Graduate, Ampthill


"The salary is really good and there are opportunities for pay rises."
Graduate, Havant, UK
"I think it's higher than average with lots of room to grow."
Graduate, Gloucester
"There's a good salary throughout the graduate scheme but the firm seems to pay below market average after this finishes."
Graduate, Ampthill - Bedfordshire
"It's a good, competitive salary."
Graduate, Whiteley
"Pay is lower than the industry average but still a good salary."
Graduate, Ampthill
"Our pay is somewhat competitive and representative of the industry as a whole. The promotion cycle occurs annually with mid-year reviews to allow employees to act on feedback as applicable."
Graduate, Ampthill
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