London Stock Exchange Group

After my second year at university I had the opportunity to do an internship in industry. While it was an interesting experience, it also made me realise that engineering was not what I wanted to do long term. I wanted to work in a fast-paced environment and was looking to try something different.

By my final year I had become interested in the markets and had started trading stocks online in my own time. I was very sure that my future was in finance and specifically in trading. LSEG spoke at my university about the new rules and regulations entering the financial world and how clearing was going to play a major role in managing this. It seemed like a fascinating environment in which to start my career.

The size of the company compared with some of the larger financial employers also appealed to me as I knew it meant I'd have a great platform to really build up my financial skills and knowledge. While the Group is constantly expanding, it still feels like a company where you can have a real impact.

After my first rotation with FTSE Russell in London I chose to come to Sri Lanka where an opportunity opened up with MillenniumIT in their Project Management team. I’d always been interested in emerging markets, so it felt like a natural next step for me. My role involved helping to evaluate requests for our technology from potential new clients and to liaise with our various teams to come up with packages and solutions.

Sri Lanka is a totally different world to London. The way people do business is quite different – the culture is very much about forming relationships and friendships. It takes a while to adapt to any new environment, but I really enjoyed the experience, especially having the opportunity to work closely with senior people across the business.

I really think LSEG is the best place to be for anyone who’s interested in finance. The stock exchange plays a central role in the financial markets, so you get to oversee things from a number of different angles. The fact that the Group is so internationally-minded is an added bonus. I’m not sure where I’d go in the future – maybe Hong Kong or New York – or I might decide to experience a different side of the business in London.