London Stock Exchange Group

I’ve always really enjoyed problem solving, and this guided me towards studying for a technology degree. Technology is all about being innovative and being able to problem-solve and come up with different solutions. My Minor Degree at university was in Entrepreneurship and Business Development, so I was also looking to have exposure to a business context after leaving university. It felt like the LSEG graduate programme offered more variety than the majority of the technology programmes that were presented to me.

My first graduate rotation was with LSEG’s Capital Markets business, which looks after the trading data generated across the Group’s different trading markets. As a business analyst in the Corporate Data Warehouse team, my role involved liaising between the developers and the end users within the business. The aim was to try to better understand how the business side of the Group use our technology. We then found ways to enhance this in order to drive improvements in performance. 

For my current role, I’m working as product management analyst with LSEG’s Technology Product Management team. I’ve been learning about the different processes that go into designing and developing product features, and then helping to market the final product to our customers. Regulation is another crucial part of product management because the market requirements around financial services products necessitate constant improvement. As things change, we need to be able to innovate and ensure we are providing the products and solutions that our clients really need. 

I’d like the chance to complete an international rotation at some stage during my graduate programme. Being originally from China, I could certainly see myself working in Hong Kong, Shanghai or one of the major Asian financial centres. It’s interesting to see that LSEG is expanding further into these markets. There is an option for graduates to work in one of the Group’s overseas offices for one of our rotations, which is something I’d definitely consider. I think it’s good to try something different at the start of your career if an opportunity presents itself.