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During my BSc, I completed an internship with LSEG in the summer before my final year. At the end of the internship, I found out that I had secured a role on the Graduate Programme. I felt the LSEG Programme was well designed with its rotations and exposure to different roles, allowing you to test yourself. Also, as an international student from Azerbaijan, securing a job for after graduation was particularly important.

For my first rotation in Group Marketing team, I worked on producing the annual “1000 Companies to Inspire Britain” report. The project identifies the 1000 fastest growing SMEs in Britain and publishes a book about them. I worked with the research company to identify the 1000 companies, starting with a rough list of 1500 and researching them, generating statistics as well as selecting which particular companies from the final 1000 should be highlighted and profiled in the book. I then worked with the publishing company to help create profiles of these selected companies. The role involved a lot of project management and attention to detail.

My second rotation is in Primary Markets Analytics. We are part of the London Stock Exchange Primary Markets team, which is a global team covering equity, debt and other securities. My team uses vast amounts of data to create strong messages and pitches that the sales team use to attract companies to list in London. In contrast to my first role, this involves a lot of data analysis and making sense of numbers, which helped me develop my Excel and database skills. In parallel with technical skills, I am gaining deep knowledge about London’s Capital Markets and how we perform in comparison to our global competitors. I find this exposure and wealth of knowledge so fascinating that I have decided to focus on this area and aim to remain permanently in this team.

My managers have all been very supportive, and have helped me enormously in different areas, while also encouraging me to contribute to my personal development through attending different events and training. The other grads on the programme have also been a great support. We started the journey together with our initial two-week training, and it’s great to have a group of people in the same boat. We regularly meet up for lunch and drinks, as well as HR-organised events, and learn from one another, sharing ideas for future rotations and our various experiences.