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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Research the company and past, present and future projects Mace have done. Understand the construction market and how it may affect Mace. Be confident in your experience (both at university and work) and recognise the skills you have learnt from the experience so you can apply them to situations/role play. Be confident, not arrogant, relax and ask questions."
Graduate, London
"Make sure you know the company, their history and vision. Research the position and understand why you want the job. Don't try and take charge in the group work, make sure you portray that you're cooperative and listen to everyone's ideas."
Graduate, London
"The construction industry is not one for beating around the bush. Never bend the truth in an interview. Portray pride, resilience and efficiency without being brash. The old saying - always be yourself - also applies. If you gain the trust from the company, you will achieve loyalty."
Graduate, London
"Try to get some experience within the construction industry or experience within the specific job role you are applying for. Always go through your CV and know it cover to cover."
Graduate, Worthing
"Research Mace's values and their 2020 strategy. Think about how you can add value to Mace."
Graduate, London
"Read up on the company and your interviewer. During the interview, be clear on which areas you want to work in."
Graduate, London
"Understand the job role you are looking for. Project management consultants are different to construction project managers."
Graduate, London
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