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8.9 / 10

(based on 36 ratings in 2015)


"The firm has an excellent, supportive culture. Within my first week I met several partners on regular occasions when they came down and had lunch with us and took us out for dinner/drinks to get to know everyone."
Graduate, London
"Within the office, the communication and relationships developed between all levels of the management chain are unparalleled. Beyond that, there has been a conscious effort to get me involved in networking events, client engagements and corporate dinners. The social balance within the office is clearly very important to the company. They do their utmost to encourage after-work socialising and organise numerous events themselves. I couldn't ask for more!"
Graduate, Nottingham
"Teamwork is second to none - everyone takes time out of their busy days to assist where necessary. And there are excellent opportunities to get involved in charities work and the sport and social committee."
Graduate, Leeds
"There is a clear hierarchy within the firm but people are very approachable and easy-going. The teamwork is one of the best parts of the job and people are always keen to help you learn more. Social events happen regularly and are very good."
Graduate, London
"The firm's culture is fantastic. It is a very friendly place to work. Teamwork is one of its strengths. A lot of integration between different service lines. Social events are okay, but could be improved."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"There is an inclusive culture where you feel able to ask anyone for help, and although there is a clear structure of management, no one is unapproachable which makes a friendly environment to work together in. Working together as a team within tax and with other departments means you get to experience a much wider variety of projects to work on. Within the new starters for graduates there are lots of socialising opportunities like after work drinks, office parties and summer BBQs to offer opportunities to get to know your colleagues."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There are lots of social events where everyone socialises and hierarchy becomes irrelevant. There is a good support system in place and always someone to help you with a problem."
Graduate, Glasgow


"I have made lots of friends working here and there are numerous events afterhours. Additionally, there is a good feel in the office during hours."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"Everyone at my level are all similar age and most have come through the same path (i.e. university) and so we all share a similar mindset, so it is easy to get on with everyone - this is especially true once work has finished!"
Graduate, Bristol
"Culture within working hours is good. Though in my experience there is very little socialising outside of office hours."
Experienced, Bristol
"The company has a good culture amongst both the clients and internal staff. There is lots of encouragement to be on good terms with clients and to attend social events with colleagues."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Mazars has a good company culture across various levels and there is plenty of socialising amongst colleagues."
Experienced, Liverpool
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