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8.7 / 10

(based on 29 ratings in 2015)


"New graduates in our intake were employed from a variety of ethnicities, both genders and the LGBT Community. The firm allows those with children to work as they wish with mothers of young children working anything from a full working week down to a couple of mornings."
Graduate, Leeds
"At the recruitment/lower level stage there is lots of diversity and opportunities available to all. Currently, the more senior the role the less diversity, however I think this will be solved when lower level employees start to get promoted and rise up the ranks. There are currently lots of promotions and plans to increase diversity within the company, especially among senior roles, which shows Mazars are committed to achieving and actively working towards a more diverse, inclusive team."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There is no lack of women in our office and there is lots of flexibility and help available in terms of child care, maternity leave, etc."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Mazars highlight diversity as one of their core values and there were talks and e-learning courses on the subject. There child care vouchers available as part of the flexible benefits scheme."
Graduate, London


"Lower level recruitment is very diverse and higher roles are increasingly becoming more diverse. Our most senior managers in audit are all women, although still no women at partner level in this department."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"There has recently been a strong commitment towards diversity with many action groups and committees set up."
Graduate, Bristol
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