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Green Initiatives

7.1 / 10

(based on 27 ratings in 2015)


"We recycle and try to reduce paper in the office where possible."
Graduate, All Over
"The firm recently introduced a new paperless system for accounts. This will have the effect of reducing the amount of paper used substantially."
Graduate, Leeds
"Currently the company is working towards paperless offices to reduce the amount of waste/paper that is needed for our work. There are also plans to reduce environmental impact in other areas."
Graduate, Birmingham
"It was part of our induction training and my colleagues take initiatives seriously and I think there is more to come."
Graduate, London


"In terms of the environment, I believe efforts are made to go paperless, etc."
Graduate, Liverpool
"I can't really comment much about the company's green credentials although I would say that the shared building is quite poor. Another of our offices is apparently very green with power coming from alternative sources."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
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