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8.4 / 10

(based on 32 ratings in 2015)


"The firm is quite flexible. If you need to go early one day, if the business requirement allows you to, you can and you pick up the extra hours elsewhere. When working there will be some longer hours, but the flexibility is there when required."
Graduate, All Over
"Work is hard and long but feels rewarding, there is a culture of being thanked for the work you do which is motivating. Overtime can be claimed back as holiday."
Graduate, Leeds
"Mazars seems flexible. Core working hours are flexible within reason to accommodate individual travel needs."
Graduate, Bristol
"The type of work that I do is fairly flexible. You have to fit your work around client opening hours as you are in their offices, but it is possible to start and leave early for travel."
Graduate, Birmingham
"The firm is relatively flexible on hours as long as the request is reasonable and the business demands allow this."
Graduate, Nottingham
"My standard working day is 9:00am-5.30pm with an hour for lunch. I also get time off for college and home study as well as an extra five days study leave to be taken whenever its needed which is really helpful."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Managers are very flexible, but only if you ask in good time and are organised. The hours in general are extremely fair."
Graduate, Glasgow
"My work hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm with a one our lunch break. I am quite new so don't have much flexibility at the moment, but it appears that some people have been granted a little more flexibility with arrival and leaving times which is encouraging."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"I am not sure about flexibility but I'm not generally expected to work beyond my contracted hours. Also, extra travel, etc. is given back to me as holiday."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"I work from 8:45am to 5:00pm every day with a 45 minute break. Overtime is an exception and is not considered compulsory. Staff are able to adapt their working hours around children and other commitments."
Experienced, Bristol
"The hours you work are definitely client-dependent."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I work very little time over the standard contract hours, and when I do over those it is voluntarily because I have pride in what I'm working on."
Graduate, Liverpool
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