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In a few words


"Ambitious and driven, with a genuine personality."
Graduate, Nottingham
"Traditional and focused on results."
Graduate, Manchester
"Flexible and patient with exciting extra-curricular opportunities."
Graduate, Leeds
"Friendly, approachable, welcoming."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Quality, Friendly, Professional, Confident."
Graduate, London
"Great culture, friendly, supportive, professional, ambitious."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"Hard-working, high standards."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Respectful, Forward-thinking, enthusiastic."
Graduate, Nottingham
"Professional, Independent and People-orientated."
Graduate, London
"Pleasant, friendly, professional."
Graduate, Leicester
"Medium firm with small firm values."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"Experienced, driven, competent, ambitious."
Graduate, Bristol
"Growing company, top ten firm, good values."
Experienced, Bristol
"Supportive, friendly, lots of opportunities."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Innovative and fair."
Graduate, Leeds
"Professional, friendly, and a good focus on training and development."
Graduate, Liverpool
"International and professional."
Experienced, Liverpool
Our 'Inside Buzz' reviews are the comments and views of recent graduate recruits, giving you a view of what it may be like to work for an organisation. Copyright of all TARGETjobs Inside Buzz material lies solely with GTI Media.