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Interview Questions


"I was asked several competency based questions and had to give a presentation on my job role. I was also asked: Why do you want to be at Mazars?"
Graduate, London
"There were no real premeditated questions, it was mostly a discussion about my background and where I thought I could fit within the company."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I was asked to describe a recent news story I was interested in and how it affected Mazars. I also had to explain how I met the values Mazars expected from employees."
Graduate, Manchester
"What motivates you? Please provide examples of teamwork, resourcefulness, facing adversity, etc. There were loads of questions based on a previously unseen business related newspaper article trying to assess the poignant areas of the article and business plans, etc."
Graduate, Leeds
"The interview is based on competencies and involves questions surrounding, teamwork, strengths, weaknesses, why you want to work for the firm and why you have applied to the specific service line."
Graduate, Liverpool
"I was asked a mix of technical questions about the role/company and situational questions where you have to talk about a specific incident and what you did to resolve it/learn from it. The STAR technique works really well for these questions and if you have a couple of base answers ready to mould to the question asked you will feel much better prepare and at ease."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I was asked: Why do you want to work for Mazars? Why tax? As well as various competency questions."
Graduate, Leicester
"Questions included: Why do you want to work at Mazars? What is the difference between internal and external audit? How will you ensure clients take note of and implement the recommendations that you make to them?"
Graduate, London


"There were generally less 'competency' questions and more questions about myself and why I desired the role I was applying for."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"I was asked about my goals, my understanding of audit/accounting, my hobbies, my past competencies and achievements."
Graduate, Bristol
"There were questions about my previous experience, the types of clients I had worked on, and my levels of exposure to specific types of work. There were also a few technical tax questions to assess my knowledge."
Experienced, Bristol
"Questions included: Why Mazars? Why audit? Tell me about a time you have worked in a team."
Graduate, Liverpool
"I was asked: Why Mazars? What experience do you have? Tell us about yourself."
Experienced, Liverpool
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