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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Mazars has a quick and straight forward interview process. My advice is to research the company and the sector you are going to work in, think about any examples you can apply to the role, even broad examples such as teamwork, responsibility, leadership, communication, etc. Also, think about the core values of the role; integrity, objectivity, etc."
Graduate, All Over
"Research Mazars, they are a very different company to the 'Big 4', so be prepared to answer questions about why you should be at the company, not just why you can do the job."
Graduate, London
"Although this may be a cliché, I would say be yourself; don't sacrifice your personality to try and appear 'corporate', it's both transparent and ultimately not what the company is looking for."
Graduate, Nottingham
"There is an initial application online. Those who pass this are invited to take part in assessment day which involves preparing a speech on an unseen topic, a few paper based assessments and an interview with a senior or manager. Those candidates that succeed here then meet a partner for interview and are offered a job."
Graduate, Leeds
"Look up what skills are expected for the role and think about whether you have demonstrated these in previous work. Also research the type of qualification you would study if applicable, (most graduates are employed on training contracts)."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Be yourself! Do not pretend to be overconfident and take on board the advice and prompts they give you. Be inquisitive but display your knowledge on the company."
Graduate, London
"Mazars follow the standard application process with online tests, interviews, assessment days and then final partner interviews. My advice would be to know the company, the role you are applying for and area of business they work in well and to just be yourself. Think about the values the company is looking for and incorporate these into your answers to show you would fit in well within the firm."
Graduate, Birmingham
"There were many steps to the application process. The key was with every step to keep looking deeper into Mazars as a business. The more you know about Mazars the more impressive you will be."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Make sure that you have read the main areas of the company website as it shows that you are really interested in the firm if you have taken the time to do some research. Also, make sure that you know the difference between internal and external audit!"
Graduate, London
"Mazars has a simple application process; I never felt overwhelmed rather it definitely felt like everyone wanted you to succeed. I would suggest looking up about the company as this is much appreciated and actually very interesting."
Graduate, Milton Keynes


"Do your research and when asked "Why Mazars?" have a specific reason that shows you're interested in Mazars; don't say something that could apply to any firm."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"Read around the job role and the types of competencies that would be required for it. Be honest and hold your hands up if you're not sure about something. At interview level it's more about you as a person than your ability."
Graduate, Bristol
"Research the firm and the services available to clients."
Experienced, Bristol
"Practice the kinds of questions which could come up and try to do a few mock interviews beforehand."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Be passionate about the job and understand Mazars' target market."
Graduate, Liverpool
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