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"Graduates can be thrown in at the deep end at first. A couple of times I have felt overwhelmed."
Graduate, All Over
"Mazars do seem to pay less than some similar firms."
Graduate, London
"The firm doesn't have the brand recognition of some of our competitors."
Graduate, Nottingham
"It can be hard to maintain a decent work/life balance when working and studying simultaneously."
Graduate, Leeds
"The Mazars name isn't as recognisable as the Big 4."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Occasionally I have some fairly long commutes."
Graduate, London
"Trying to balance working and studying for the ACA exams can be difficult."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I feel there is a slight lack of organisation and communication could be improved. Graduates are sometimes left in the dark about things until they have already happened."
Graduate, London
"Work is very seasonal, with little to do in certain months of the year. Working away from home for extended periods can be demoralising."
Graduate, London
"Studying for exams whilst working means you will not have much free time."
Graduate, London


"The communication from management can sometimes be poor."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"The amount of travel between clients/jobs."
Graduate, Bristol
"The relatively low starting salary."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"There can be a lack of communication between different departments and offices."
Experienced, Bristol
"There can be a lack of interaction between other offices."
Graduate, Leeds
"The firm doesn't have as much of a reputation in the market place as it is not a "Big Four" firm - however this factor also has advantages."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Compliance work can be fairly boring."
Experienced, Liverpool
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