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6.7 / 10

(based on 32 ratings in 2015)


"Mazars is known for not having the highest salary compared to its competitors, however the remuneration is still decent."
Graduate, All Over
"I think the remuneration is competitive within the industry in which we work, and throughout the ACA qualification, salary increases at a good rate."
Graduate, Nottingham
"Starting salary is approximately commensurate with similarly sized firms. Pay scale over the training contract is not available to see, although this would be very useful, as starting salary in year one isn't that high, so it's difficult to plan finances for the coming years, especially if relocating for the job and incurring all the extra costs from that."
Graduate, Bristol
"As far as I am concerned, the pay is in line with the industry average."
Graduate, Liverpool
"I am very happy with the wage I receive. When you consider the firm pays for your college fees, materials, exams and give you study leave to revise for the exams the wage is very good."
Graduate, Nottingham
"I think the remuneration is fair and a large leap can be expected upon qualifying."
Graduate, London
"I think my salary is fairly competitive for my location and job."
Graduate, Birmingham


"In my experience bonuses are so little they could be non-existent but pay is about comparable to the rest of the industry."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"I would say pay is less than at other firms, but I appreciate that, on average, we tend to work less hours than others do. We also receive other benefits such as TOIL that other firms do not."
Graduate, Bristol
"The pay gets very competitive in the later stages of being a trainee."
Graduate, Liverpool
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