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7.9 / 10

(based on 30 ratings in 2015)


"There is a two week shadowing period to ease you into the role and then you are paid through the relevant qualification."
Graduate, All Over
"We had a three day induction course in Northampton and then a week in our local offices. Then two weeks of shadowing out with clients."
Graduate, London
"The 'Ignite' Induction programme was a thorough and thoughtful introduction to Mazars, and provided a fantastic insight into the company and its functions. The induction provided a 'general' training into what is expected of Mazars employees, in addition to a "what makes Mazars different" type-session. Informal training has been really on-going for me, with a learning-by-doing approach being adopted by my team - the result being that I have been included in important and "real" jobs from day one."
Graduate, Nottingham
"There is a steep learning curve, so a lot is learnt on the job, but this is probably the best way to pick it up. Formal new-starter training is available for many topics if needed, and we're encouraged to take part."
Graduate, Bristol
"Mazars provides very good training. You will receive extensive training when you join and then continual on the job training. You are also given time off for exam study."
Graduate, London
"Managers are very accessible as they tend to be in the office. Whenever I am out of the office and have a query I have been able to email and have always received a prompt response. Mazars has a formal appraisal scheme for every job that you undertake which lasts longer than a week which is helpful to see if you are tracking towards your objectives. Mazars are also introducing a more streamlined recognition scheme for employees as this is an area that has been identified for improvement."
Graduate, Nottingham
"Training programs provided have been excellent. I have learned key soft-skills to prepare me for dealing with clients directly in the future."
Graduate, Glasgow


"We get good training, particularly when it comes to the qualifications. Internal training does tend to be less well organised and less useful but we still appreciate the effort to improve our skills."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"Training is available for all skills that you are needed. I have received training in specific audits such as Pension Schemes, as well as audit, assurance and coaching/management skills."
Graduate, Bristol
"Formal training for professional qualifications are available. In-house training is available for developing networking skills, general skills for working in business such as mentoring and coaching peers."
Experienced, Bristol
"In my experience both the internal training and outsourced exam training is first class."
Graduate, Liverpool
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