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"Recommendation from current employee - the role was interesting - the firm size and structure was appealing, more relaxed approach and felt it would increase my career development, more exposure to clients and involvement."
Graduate, All Over
"I did a placement year with Mazars during University and enjoyed it. I also wanted to complete the ACA."
Graduate, London
"I applied here for several reasons: the size of the company meant it had a different client base from the big 4 accountancy firms, the location, the people seemed at interviews seemed to be more like myself than those who interviewed me at larger firms."
Graduate, Leeds
"I researched the firm and they sounded like a good firm to train with, and so I applied. The people I met during the interview process are the reason I chose to take the job over other offers in the end."
Graduate, Bristol
"I chose Mazars because were offering the role I wanted in a large firm and were flexible with starting dates, (not all recruitment is for September)."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I applied for Mazars because of the excellent culture within the firm. This line of work can be demanding and Mazars are a firm that wants you to excel. Furthermore, there is scope to move into other areas as you become more experienced and opportunities to take on more responsibility within service line earlier stage than larger firms. At Mazars you seem to get the advantages of the small firms and large firms without many of the negatives associated with them. You’ll get the investment and training of a big firm but the greater responsibility that smaller firms are able to offer."
Graduate, Nottingham
"Recommendations from friends who already had jobs/internships about how great they were to work for."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Mazars had a strong reputation within accountancy as being an up and coming mid-tier firm with a supportive environment in which to train for your ACA."
Graduate, London
"The firm has a reputation for being supportive, I liked the professional courses they sponsor graduates through, the location of the office and the opportunities for progression."
Graduate, London


"I chose Mazars because they offered me a good job with a decent training programme for a well recognised qualification."
Graduate, Milton Keynes
"The culture at Mazars seemed to match my own: they are ambitious and driven whilst understanding the importance of a social life."
Graduate, Bristol
"I decided to apply to Mazars because it is a growing firm with big aspirations."
Experienced, Bristol
"I was attracted to the mid-tier nature of the firm."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I applied here after several recommendations from people already at Mazars."
Graduate, Liverpool
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