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7.7 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2015)


"Gender diversity is a little lacking (as in many engineering companies) but much work is ongoing and this is improving. Many of the senior management have been graduates in the past so progression and retention is great!"
Graduate, Bristol
"Diversity is of huge importance and all staff have recently been required to undertake diversity and equality training."
Graduate, Bristol
"There is a women's society within the company. Right now the company isn't very diverse but it is getting more so all the time."
Graduate, Stevenage


"The company are very keen to promote women in engineering, ensuring women are shown to be completing exciting activities in STEM subjects."
Intern, Stevenage
"I would estimate that approximately 25% of people being accepted into roles are now female, which is high for an engineering company."
Intern, Bristol
"There is a higher proportion of male workers, but this is slowly decreasing every year. The processes for maternity leave, childcare, army reserves, etc. and all seem fair and seem to be in the interest of the employee."
Graduate, Stevenage
"There are ethnic minorities present, though they are a minority. This is due to the nationality requirements of the company so is to be expected. I would say there is a very good representation of ethnic minorities given this."
Graduate, Stevenage
"I believe the company is committed to diversity, however, it struggles to recruit women, as with all engineering companies. There are also people of many ethnicities working in my office."
Graduate, Bristol
"Due to the nature of the work it is hard to be diverse with employee's nationality. However, there is an international department, and there does not seem to be any diversity issues within the company."
Graduate, Bristol
"Retention rates are high, and promotion is available for those who strive to achieve. There are significantly more men than women, though this is true for engineering and defence in general and is not due to the company. Child care and maternity leave are treated with great importance and is available for both parents."
Graduate, Stevenage
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