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9.5 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2015)


"Flexi-time allows you to spend or save hours as you want for days off or to exchange for pay. Also it gives the opportunity to do half day Fridays if you build enough balance in the week."
Graduate, Bolton
"My contracted hours are 37 per week. The flexi system allows me to 'pick and choose' my working hours, provided I am present each day within a fixed boundary hour period. Any time spent in work outside of these boundary hours earns me flexi-time, which can then be used towards full or half days off. On a Friday, providing you have earned the required flexi-time during the week, you can potentially finish from 12.30 pm. Overall the work life balance is spot on."
Graduate, Bristol
"I work 37.5 hours per week but work on a clock in and out system with flexi-time, which means that I can work longer one day and go home early another."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Fully flexible working hours. Work week depends on work load. My minimum is 37 hours but I have worked up to 50 hours. Overtime and flexi-time are always available."
Graduate, Stevenage


"The company offers flexi-time which allows employees to tailor their hours around their lives outside of work; we can even use flexi time to accrue days off."
Intern, Bristol
"My core hours from Monday to Thursday are from 9:30am to 4:00pm and Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm. I have a 37 hour working week to be completed between core hours, and flexi days for hours accrued beyond a 37 hour week (there are 15 flexi days per year, two in any given calendar month)."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Hours are very flexible as the company operate on flexi-time, and we can leave early on Fridays, and request time-off without much notice."
Graduate, Stevenage
"My core hours: 9:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Thursday, and 9:30pm to 12:30pm on Fridays. We have a flexi system so if we work over 37 hours we can take additional days off, or work just the core hours. Overtime begins before 7:30am and after 6:00pm."
Graduate, Stevenage
"I think we have very good, standard core hours and then the company are flexible around those hours to make up the 37 hour week. Working longer allows you to build time to take extra days off work."
Graduate, Stevenage
"A standard week here is 37 hours, however the company runs a very good flexi-time system where you can bank any hours you work over the contracted time. These banked hours can then be used to take time off as and when you need it."
Graduate, Bristol
"The company is very flexible about working hours. We have core hours which you have to be in the office for as well as the minimum number of hours worked per week. Outside of that, all hours worked accrue towards Flexitime which can then be redeemed as holiday."
Graduate, Stevenage
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