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Interview Questions


"Questions were mainly based around typical competencies: teamwork, communication, organisation, etc."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Some examples of questions I was asked: Describe a time when you have worked effectively in a team. Describe a time when you have handled pressure. Describe a time when you have implemented an idea and gained the support of your team. Describe a time when you have been a leader of a team etc. In addition, there are technical questions which vary according to the function to which you've applied. For myself, these were questions such as: Describe the ways in which a missile can be powered. What are the main sub-systems within a weapon system?"
Graduate, Bristol
"I was asked: What has been my greatest challenge recently and how did I overcome the challenge? What is my greatest strength and weakness?"
Graduate, Stevenage
"In my interview I was asked about the wider implications of developing a new product. The requirements on equipment, personnel, logistics and the organisation."
Graduate, Stevenage


"My interview consisted of questions such as: what must be considered when designing a missile system? Give an example of when you led a team? Give an example of when there was a problem in a team and how you solved it? Give an example of how you have tried to better yourself?"
Midlevel, Stevenage
"I was asked about the concepts of radar, what the potential challenges the company could face in the future, and I undertook a written test which covered electronics, physics, engineering, and programming."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Mainly, I was asked about my general previous experiences, but there were also a few fairly basic technical questions to gauge how you think around a problem."
Graduate, Bristol
"I was asked a range of both competency based questions i.e. name a time where you have shown leadership, etc. and a range of technical questions based on the area that I was applying for."
Graduate, Bristol
"The interview involved standard competency questions as well as some technical questions which will be relevant to your degree. For example, because I studied physics I was asked to describe the Doppler Effect. You will also be asked a question specific to missile tech; I was asked about the factors that I believed would most affect a seekers ability to detect a target."
Graduate, Stevenage
"I was asked to give a technical description of missile components. I was also asked about various examples of teamwork, and how I had contributed to team projects. Other questions included my degree technical background, which subjects I found difficult and questions relating to the company's business ideology."
Intern, Stevenage
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