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Offices & Dress

8.3 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2015)


"Offices are a good size and quite comfortable. Dress code is smart/casual depending on your department."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Offices in Bristol have recently been updated and are open, spacious and have great facilities. Tea and coffee is free from kitchens located on each floor and, alternatively, there is a deli stand and canteen for hot and cold food. Dress code varies throughout the company – it's not uncommon to find somebody dressed in jeans and a t-shirt in the same meeting as somebody in a suit. Things like your team and responsibilities will determine your dress code – typically smart trousers, shoes and a shirt will suffice in most situations."
Graduate, Bristol
"Our office is open plan over several floors and buildings with different access restrictions on each. On-site gym and good restaurant create a good atmosphere. The dress code in my team is business attire at managers' discretion."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Open plan offices with good facilities and free coffee/tea etc. Dress code varies between full business dress to smart casual depending on department."
Graduate, Stevenage


"Offices and facilities are much the same as any other business. Business is currently growing, so perhaps there are a few more people than is ideal in each building. The dress code depends on the department, but generally it is relaxed, and is generally required that you dress smarter if you have meetings; there is also dress-down Fridays."
Graduate, Bristol
"The company's facilities were modern, interesting and well maintained. There was good hygiene throughout and all employee needs were catered for. The dress code was relaxed and down to the individual."
Intern, Stevenage
"The offices are part of the attraction for working for the company. They are generally all new and very well equipped, as are the other facilities on the sites in the UK and France. The dress code is formal attire, which generally means a suit, however ties and jackets are not mandatory."
Graduate, Stevenage
"Office space has recently been reduced but it is not uncomfortable. Dress code depends on position - most people wear a shirt and trousers, unless you are dealing with a customer or presenting to senior staff where a suit would be recommended."
Graduate, Bristol
"The offices I worked in have recently been renovated and are neither cramped nor isolated. There are several kitchens for making tea/coffee that have also be renovated, and a lovely cafeteria in the main building. The dress code is fairly formal, shirt but not needing a tie for men, with casual Fridays."
Intern, Bristol
"We have fantastic facilities and office structure, in which managers are 'on-the-floor' with all other employees to make them accessible. Dress code is business attire for office work and less formal in the workshops. Friday is dress-down every week."
Graduate, Stevenage
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