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I’m studying BA (Hons) Business Studies and started by placement on 12/07/2013. I choose McDonald’s because I wanted to be part of a large organisation, which had a lot to offer in terms of employee opportunities and development. Knowing that McDonald’s is one of the largest and most successful companies worldwide, I felt there was a great lot of potential for me to develop myself within a large company that invests in its employees.

I have enjoyed the vast opportunities available within McDonald’s, particularly opportunity to be part of the management team that helped, set up, open and run a brand new restaurant, which also had brand new operation platforms. Opening up a brand new restaurant from the ground up was an unforgettable experience.

I passed my BSM only 3 months and 3 weeks after joining the company and beginning my placement, with above 90% in my FRS exam. Due to moving to help open up a brand new restaurant and my work tasks changing greatly for a period of time shortly after passing my BSM, I didn’t start running shifts until just after February when our new restaurant opened.

I feel that McDonald’s placement has allowed me to work within a variety of aspects of business within the restaurant. This has allowed me to see what areas I am keenly strong in, and how I may want to pursue these areas into long-term career goals. 

On day to day basis I was involved in:

  • Operations: on a daily basis I review, implement and develop plans for the daily operations of my restaurant, which also includes overcoming and eliminating root causes to any and all potential operational barriers, to ensure that my restaurant operates smoothly.
  • Training: recently I have taken a leading role with the training system within my restaurant. So I ensure on a daily basis that crew trainers are training crew with correct methods and completing/logging SOCs to a high standard and at a reasonable volume
  • Human Resources: every day I ensure that I speak to every member of crew working, making sure they are happy within their job role and seeing what their employee needs are, e.g. training/development, changing availability, requesting time off, ensuring any important information/enquires gets reported to my business manager when need and so on.

I am currently working part-time as a shift manager in the same restaurant, until I return to University in September for my final year. But there are many areas within the McDonald’s company that I am interested in pursuing with regards to my management career and continuing it further.