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I started the industrial placement program with McDonalds on the 11/08/13. I am a Business & Management student at the university of Lincoln. I took a gap year in between my second and third year to work for the company as they offer second to none hands on management experience for somebody doing a placement year.

The thing I have enjoyed the most about the scheme is having the opportunity to work for and alongside a fantastic team with a really good atmosphere on a daily basis. The skills the job has taught me are how to motivate each individual and how to look at a business from both on the floor and off the floor and to analyze previous shifts and to improve both myself as a manager, and shifts as a whole.

I chose McDonalds as a placement as I was very impressed by the structure they had, it was clear what the job entailed and what would be expected of me and clear what I would get in return, this made it easy to focus and the plan ahead what I wanted to get out of the year and how to stay focused and keep my learning continuous.

I think the placement structure offered by McDonalds sets them apart from a lot of other company’s. The placement brought to life much of what I learned at university from everything such as inventory right forwards to managing people, I had the opportunity to be personally responsible of every aspect of the business.

I think this experience will be invaluable when doing my final year at university as I now have clear experiences that I can draw upon from a managerial perspective. Something that only a job like this can give you while still studying. On a day to day basis you never know what you might have to do as a assistant manager at McDonald’s, a day can range from creating action plans to improve the restaurant, managing labour and inventory right to supporting staff who are going through personal problems. But the responsibility is always there, the company puts faith and trust in its interns, which allows them to grow and learn from their own experiences quickly, a helping hand is never to far away however.

I started running my own shifts totally independently in April 2014 so after approximately nine months of working for the company. Since then I have taken the opportunity offered of staying as a part time 2nd assistant manager throughout my final year, allowing me to carry on my development with the company and also earn money while studying. In the future I see myself staying with the company and progressing to a Business Manager. I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement and find the year rewarding. I would recommend this placement to anybody who is interested in a hands on and fulfilling role.