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Career Prospects

8.3 / 10

(based on 7 ratings in 2016)


"A high chance of promotion depending on you and your managers."
Graduate, Wigan
"Although I cannot verify this first hand, from what I have been told progression is typically relatively fast with assistant managers becoming store managers in as little as 2–3 years"
Graduate, Cardiff
"Promotional possibilities are high within the company. There are promotions within the ranks in the restaurants: from second assistant to first assistant to business manager or even from business manager to a position within the human resources department. Anything is possible and you can work your way up with hard work and dedication."
Graduate, Sheffield
"The standard route for someone on the graduate scheme would be: trainee manager, 2nd assistant manager, 1st assistant manager, business manager and then some secondments can be taken in the regional office."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Clearly defined progression within the company. Anyone can make it to the top."
Graduate, Nottingham
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