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Green Initiatives

9.1 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2016)


"Lots of recycling opportunities from paper to oil."
Graduate, Wigan
"They are aware of their impact upon the earth and actively try to recycle within the store. Used cooking oil is refined to power their delivery vehicles. Additionally, they have a high community and charity focus; taking part in community litter events and fundraising events for the RMHC."
Graduate, Manchester
"McDonald's takes great pride in helping the environment. It consistently takes on litter patrols and even uses excess oil to create bio diesel. The company has put in place a position within the store where staff can set up their own environment events and help reduce the company's carbon footprint."
Graduate, Sheffield
"There are plenty of schemes in place: used oil gets used for bio diesel and the restaurant only uses energy-saving light bulbs. All of the schemes are on the McDonald's website."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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