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Interview Questions


"Why do you want to work for a company that sells burgers? Have you seen anything McDonald's related in the news?"
Graduate, Cambridge
"How would you deal with a difficult customer?"
Graduate, Wigan
"Why I wanted to work at McDonald's; what skills made me stand out from others; what I could bring to the company."
Graduate, Manchester
"Give an example of when you had to deal with difficult people. Has there ever been a time when you've gone above and beyond to achieve results?"
Graduate, Cardiff
"During the interview I was asked: What are your long term goals? Where do you want to be in five years? What are your expectations? What do you do as hobbies? What would you do if a customer came to you with a complaint and they were quite irrational and aggressive? Why do you want to work for our company?"
Graduate, Sheffield
"During my interview with the operations manager I was asked: why do you want this role? What made you apply for McDonald's when you have a degree in engineering? I was also asked several questions about how I would improve things in store."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"We were given the scenario of a failing restaurant and asked what we would do to rectify the problems outlined: low staff morale, restaurant fixtures and fittings in poor condition, dwindling sales, overworked management team and an undeveloped team with little training."
Entry level, Southampton
"Why McDonald's? Is being too loyal a good thing? Where do you see yourself in two years' time? Explain your understanding of the programme."
Graduate, Nottingham
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