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Relations with Management

8.6 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2016)


"I feel comfortable asking for help, time is always made for me."
Graduate, Wigan
"This depends very much on the store and managers within. In my current restaurant the managers are incredibly accessible and approachable with excellent levels of interaction. My current business manager communicates and praises the team excellently, which contributes to a very good team work ethic."
Graduate, Manchester
"Managers are very accessible and approachable."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The relationship with the managers is effective and friendly. They are there to guide you through your training, offer support during your working hours and advice on your progress. They will provide you with feedback on how you are doing and ideas on what to do next for your progression."
Graduate, Sheffield
"The managers are very focused on training and coaching. Every six months each employee receives a performance review and for praise and recognition there are the 'employee of the month' and 'manager of the month' schemes."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There is always regular and constructive feedback from the store's management team throughout your training with an adequate amount of praise. However, visits from higher management are very rare. In six months I've only seen my area manager once."
Entry level, Southampton
"Very supportive and friendly."
Graduate, Nottingham
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