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Satisfaction with Work

8.1 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2016)


"My daily tasks are: running shifts to ensure the best possible outcomes and meeting the desired targets and helping the business manager with office-based tasks."
Graduate, Wigan
"Advancing my training through the different managerial roles as well as carrying out daily restaurant routines as per daily shift guidelines."
Graduate, Manchester
"My week starts on a goals day where I will do online learning, self-directed learning, self-organisation and/or a meeting with the business manager. On my other days, I will work on the shop floor where I will learn the different roles of the restaurant. I also learn the different areas alongside crew members and have a crew trainer complete a station observation checklist. I have also learned how to manage and lead specific areas of the restaurant and I am growing in confidence. The last day of my week is also a goals day."
Graduate, Sheffield
"On a daily basis I run shifts, manage a team of crew and shift managers, find opportunities to improve quality, service and cleanliness for customers, ensure food safety procedures are adhered to, and business planning."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Ensuring the restaurant's targets are met, coordinating my team, maintaining standards and ensuring a high level of quality."
Entry level, Southampton
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