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6.5 / 10

(based on 4 ratings in 2017)


"I work five days a week for a minimum of eight hours each and sometimes have to stay longer to meet a deadline or to help out when it's busy. I occasionally work overnight, though this is not a regular occurrence. I spend one day a week off the floor to complete university work and McDonald's paperwork including workbooks and tests."
Placement Student, Enfield
"I work 40 hours a week, which could be put into any number of shift patterns depending on the restaurant."
Placement Student,
"For the first six months I worked for 45 hours a week but this was changed to 40 hours a week for the last six. You have to be prepared to work eight or nine days in a row for some weeks as the days you work aren't the standard Monday to Friday."
Trainee manager, Southampton
"I did five eight-hour shifts per week, which isn't bad but the shift patterns were very hard to get used to. Having six shifts in a row and four changes between overnights and opens really took it out of me."
Placement Student, Wakefield


"40 hours per week is a perfectly reasonable amount of hours to work."
Placement Student,
"The amount of hours I work is reasonable, though sometimes they can be very unsociable. For example: 6.00 am starts followed by overnight shifts. However, you get used to them and they don't happen very often."
Placement Student,
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