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5.8 / 10

(based on 4 ratings in 2017)


"The mentors I have had during my journey to becoming a manager have been very helpful, answered all my questions and guided me through. They are very accessible and communicate regularly using WhatsApp in groups or individually. I got regular feedback on my journey from different people and was encouraged to improve in certain areas."
Placement Student, Enfield
"I was made to feel welcome during my year. I felt certain that managers were more like my friends than actual managers. I had one performance feedback review during the year and a couple of one-on-one talks, but not enough for the amount of time I was there in my opinion."
Placement Student,
"I think this is an area to work on as the business manager doesn't seem to be fully briefed when you arrive in their store."
Trainee manager, Southampton
"I have felt that some of my managers are sometimes unapproachable. However, there are many that are easy to communicate with for feedback."
Placement Student, Wakefield


"There is total transparency within the workplace and I feel confident approaching my supervisors."
Placement Student,
"There are a lot of supervisors and my business manager was very focused on my development – it helped a lot."
Placement Student,
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