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Interview: Tips & Advice


"The interview process was thorough, which made me excited about the role itself. Two interviews and an assessment day meant that I had to do lots of preparation. My top tip would be to just be yourself and let your personality shine through."
Placement Student,
"When you go to the assessment day, make sure you get involved and enjoy yourself. This is the chance for them to see what you're like so you don't want to just be in the background and not participate. When you have the one-to-one interview, it is important that you prepare by doing background research on the company and showing that you know what the role involves. This is because they want to make sure you know its a very hands-on role within the restaurant."
Trainee manager, Southampton
"Just be yourself throughout and don't just give the answers you think they want."
Placement Student, Wakefield


"Two online tests, a full day of on-the-job activities and a final individual interview. I would recommend candidates research the company thoroughly and come prepared."
Placement Student,
"I had to go through two online assesments, and then I had to go through an on-the-job evaluation where you had to operate the till and make food within the kitchen. I had people there to help me. I then went for my final interview with my operations manager. I would advise candidates to just be themselves and make sure they know about the company."
Placement Student,
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