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I joined the McDonald’s trainee manager programme after reading about the company’s reputation for training and development – I just knew it was something I wanted to be a part of! I was especially excited that I had the option to join the scheme based on my previous experience as a manager. I don’t have a degree so this was a brilliant opportunity for me, McDonald’s allowed me to join at a senior level and really accelerate my career.

My favourite thing about working for McDonald’s is the number of people I get to meet and connect with every single day. I’m a real people person, so having the opportunity to spend so much time with customers has been so enjoyable for me. I have also developed many new skills during my time here already. I always thought I was a good multitasker, but now I am so much better! This has had a really positive impact on other aspects of my life, and even day to day tasks I complete much faster!

I had management experience before I joined the McDonald’s scheme, however the structured training plan and hands-on approach to learning have really helped to develop my skills, especially when leading big teams - there are days when I am managing a shift of more than 40 people! Getting to this point hasn’t been easy though, and the scheme has been very challenging at times. Taking on an assistant manager’s role is a big responsibility, and something you have to be prepared to work towards.

I have big aspirations for my career with McDonald’s, and my mentors are helping me every step of the way. I want to continue to progress through the restaurant hierarchy, and hopefully one day become a business manager running a multi-million pound restaurant. I know that I will have the support to go as far as possible, the rest is up to me!