The types of questions you can expect at a McKinsey interview

Candidates that make it to the final round have to do a case interview and role-play.

This area provides an overview of the interview process at McKinsey.

McKinsey first-round interview

The first round comprises 2 hour-long interviews; both include a case study and personal experience question. See below for more detail on case and experience interview questions. Applicants successful at this stage are invited to a second and final round of interviews.

McKinsey final round

The second round of interviews is a half-day assessment that features a case interview and may include an advanced Problem Solving Test - practice tests an be found on McKinsey's careers website. This is in addition to two hour-long case and experience interviews similar to the first round.

McKinsey experience interview

This is a discussion of the candidate's CV, particularly extracurricular activities or work experience that showcase soft skills required of a consultant. Ultimately the interviewer is looking for someone who is client-safe. It's a good idea to watch the video on the firm's website which talks through what candidates can expect from each type of interview, and gives advice on the the best way to approach the questions. It is important to remember that a lot of the interview should form a two-way conversation. The interviewers want to connect with you so it is important to engage with them, allowing them to get to know you.

McKinsey relies on behavioural questions to assess candidate-fit. Previous McKinsey experience interview questions are reported to include:

  • Name a time you resolved a conflict.
  • Describe a situation when you had to deal with a difficult team member.
  • How would you fix the European economy?

McKinsey case interview

This discussion of a typical McKinsey business case doesn't require client knowledge. Instead it demands the application of logic, estimation and quantitative skills to identify and process relevant data and use it to solve a commercial problem – the sort of work a McKinsey business analyst does every day. You can try a few examples on the firm's website, which also provides examples of the best reponses for each question. Previous McKinsey case questions are reported to include:

  • What is the future value of an investment in building a hospital with 'x' capital and 'y' internal rate of return?
  • Should company 'x' grow the business or cut costs?



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