Interview Questions


"I was asked a lot of questions! There are lots of written tests that are followed by interviews discussing these tests in depth, where they get you to talk through your logic in solving the problem. I was also asked about various areas of strength and weakness, what my career goals were and why I had chosen a career in computer science etc. I had lots of very standard interview questions."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"You are given logical problems to solve and then you discuss your answers with the interviewer."
Entry level, Enfield, North London
"Beyond the technical, there were a few questions on why I was leaving academia to start a career in software."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"I had no generic competency questions, just more questions about myself."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"I was asked about my personal reasons for applying to Metaswitch and why I wanted to work there. I was also asked technical questions. There were problems we were given around half an hour to look at before talking an interviewer through the solution we had reached. These had nothing to do with coding, they were problems that someone with no coding experience could solve."
Graduate, London
"Most interviews discussed technical essays that were worked through beforehand. Some more generic interviews involved my experiences at school and university as well as my skills and shortcomings."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"We had logic-based and problem-solving questions that did not require any technical experience. There were also more standard interview questions focusing on your CV and experience."
Graduate, Enfield
"The majority of questions were technical and there were some in the form of puzzles too."
Graduate, London
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