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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Practise solving problems and brush up on your maths, especially entry-level decision maths. There are a mix of simple maths and logic questions as well as more software-type system design questions."
Graduate, Cambridge
"There were lots of problem-solving exercises where it was very important to talk through your thought process."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The application process is quite long and includes aptitude tests and puzzle solving, which can't really be prepared for. It also includes a presentation, which is worth spending the time to prep for."
Graduate, Enfield (on the outskirts of London)
"The interview process is split into two rounds. Both are heavily focused on your problem-solving and communication abilities. Questions like 'what's your biggest weakness' are unlikely to come up."
Entry level, Enfield
"After submitting my CV, I was asked to fill in a substantial application form prior to attending an interview. There is generally a second interview before a job offer is made. Try to get a grasp on what Metaswitch does and what products we're developing as well as testing yourself with some logical puzzles."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are lots of puzzles and problems to solve. Be prepared to explain your thinking when working through a problem. Even if you get the answer completely wrong, the way you think is more important."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"In many ways the interview convinced me that I had made the right decision to apply because solving the problems and challenges that were set was really fun. The first step is an online IQ test. If you pass this then you attend an interview with another IQ test and some written tests. After this you attend a two-part interview (an evening followed by a full day where you are put up in a hotel overnight) with more written tests, a group challenge and some one-on-one interviews. You also have to give a presentation on anything (and they really mean anything) of your choice. For many of the tests you shouldn't worry about getting the right answer, just make sure that you can justify the answer that you gave!"
Entry level, Cambridge
"A background in abstract mathematics helps. Strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals helps even more. Don't bother with the basic whiteboard questions as Metaswitch is much more thoughtful about what it means to have a good interview experience."
Graduate, London


"I had two interviews with individual and group exercises. Don't worry about getting the questions right as it's the explaining during the interview that is more beneficial."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"The application process for Metaswitch is fairly long. It involves an application form and CV at the start followed by a series of tests and then over two assessment centres. You are also asked to give a presentation if you get to the final round. The tests are all designed to gauge your natural problem-solving abilities and aren't really something you can prepare for. Be friendly and relaxed if you can."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"The questions are tough but don't panic as they want to see you think. There will often be a few things in the written portions that you can talk over in the face-to-face interviews. Most of the interviews are technical but not coding or computer specific."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"There were problem-based questions with discussions about the answers."
Graduate, Coventry
"I applied for the grad role. I had to complete an online form and was then instantly sent an online test. I was then invited to a face-to-face interview and was given a second online form to complete before this interview. I heard that I had passed this stage after a few days and was invited to a second face-to-face interview that lasted a day and a half."
Graduate, London
"The interview is very thorough. Just be yourself and do the best you can. No prior knowledge is needed."
Graduate, London
"Metaswitch's interviews were very accessible and quite mathematical. Even though they used technical topics, you absolutely don't need a technical background to come here, which is something I really like. You're assessed both on whether you solve the problems and how you approach them, with the interviewer giving you a lot of support and room for discussion."
Graduate, Cambridge
"There are two rounds of interviews that mainly focus on solving technical problems. Make sure to explain your thoughts as you go along."
Graduate, London
"The process is extremely efficient, punctual and rigorous. Expect to have to think!"
Support, Other, Cambridge
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