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"Work can be tough and frustrating at times."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Not knowing what department (out of development, support and systems test) you'll be put in when you apply for the job. This effectively means that you don't know what you're specifically applying to do."
Support, Graduate, Enfield, London
"There's little formal training but also an expectation that you will pick things up very fast."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Due to the nature of the job there isn't a set graduate scheme that is followed. Training is provided differently depending on the project you are working on, which can be both good and bad depending on the situation."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There's something of a lack of diversity and understanding of such issues, which is exaggerated by your manager being your single point of call for everything. This is improving, but slowly."
Graduate, Enfield
"It can be difficult to get insight into the pay structure and therefore to know how much you could be expecting to earn as you progress."
Entry level, Enfield
"Tasks can sometimes be extremely large and broad, requiring a lot of work to break them down into tasks that you can get on with."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There's a lack of clarity when it comes to the pay structure."
Graduate, Enfield, London


"There's not a lot of car parking space."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"The company can be a bit opaque about salaries, though this is starting to change."
Graduate, Enfield
"Each project is likely to be in a completely different part of a broad codebase."
Graduate, Coventry
"Diversity could be better and there's sometimes a lack of internal transparency."
Entry level, London
"While the graduate pay is competitive, it looks less competitive in the long-term."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The office environment and amenities on offer at the workplace could be better."
Graduate, Enfield
"There could be a more structured graduate scheme."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are steep learning curves and an old and unfriendy codebase."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The company can be rather bureaucratic."
Graduate, London
"Technical work can be quite dry with a lack of interaction with people."
Support, Other, Cambridge
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