8.7 / 10

(based on 21 ratings in 2015)


"I was made to feel very welcome and took part in many social activities: sports, games and was invited out for drinks. Overall, the experience was fantastic!"
Intern, Edinburgh
"The environment in the office is friendly and professional. There's a huge number of social activities to get involved in and team pub lunches are fairly common. Despite the fact that I was working on something quite different to the rest of my team, I still felt very included."
Support, Intern, Enfield
"There are lots of opportunities to relax and meet other employees. You can do sport at lunch or after work and there are many societies and events as well that interns are included in."
Intern, Enfield
"There are many social activities even in the smaller offices (start and end drinks for each intern's stay, half day off for office morale event, lunchtime activities, board games nights). Metaswitch also organised a hackathon for the interns, which was a lot of fun and we learned some cool tech stuff!"
Intern, Cambridge
"Interns made to feel part of the team, with co-workers willing to help out. In my experience there were lots of good socials, but I did feel like interns at the main office had more opportunities to do fun things."
Intern, Coventry
"I found the office to have an extremely fun and relaxed atmosphere, and I got on well with the vast majority of other people there. There were a lot of social activities, such as near-weekly pub drinks, and I never felt excluded just because I was an intern."
Intern, London
"Interns are included in social activities, for example joining/leaving drinks, plus we were taken on a punting trip. All the way through interns are made to feel a real part of the team."
Intern, Cambridge
"My office is very laid back but professional – people are flexible in terms of start time and dress code but there is always someone to hand if I have any problems with my work. Free coffee, tea and fruit are provided. There are pub trips organised for every person who joins and leaves, including interns. The company pays for the first few drinks and it's great fun. There are also lots of sports clubs to join during lunchtimes, and other clubs such as a poker club."
Intern, London
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