8.1 / 10

(based on 21 ratings in 2015)


"My manager was quite busy during my internship, but this ended up not being a problem as I was able to get on with my work without guidance most of the time. I did receive good performance feedback at various points throughout the internship though. Internal communication was frequent and invariably helpful, taking the form of email or chats in the office."
Support, Intern, Enfield
"Interns were well integrated, for example, I was involved in a project with two interns and three members of the company working together."
Intern, London
"I was treated like any other member of the team; ie included in meetings and offered a chance to speak when I wanted. My manager and mentor were there to answer any questions, and I was expected to communicate with them and other colleagues without hesitation if I needed anything."
Intern, London
"I was given a mentor, who worked near me and who I could go to for help at any time. I also had a manager with whom I had weekly one-on-one meetings."
Intern, London
"I sat right next to my manager for the duration of my internship and think he made a good mentor. In my experience communication and feedback were very good."
Intern, Cambridge
"My supervisor and mentors sat next to me in the office. They were incredibly helpful and supportive, which helped me pick up the required knowledge quickly and get started on my project. I never felt like I couldn't ask them a question. We had a weekly feedback meeting to assess our performance, which kept me motivated and was very helpful for developing skills."
Intern, London
"Supervisors are very good and offer lots of support. I worked directly next to my mentor who regularly helped me out during the first few weeks and always had time for me when I had problems. My manager was sat directly behind me who would also check up to see if everything was okay."
Support, Intern, Enfield
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