Interview Questions


"There are three main stages of the interview: 1. Typical questions such as 'Why do you want to work here?' and 'What sort of qualities do you have that fit our roles?'; 2. Discussions of your answers to the written tests. 3. Brainteasers such as estimation tasks or logic puzzles."
Support, Intern, Enfield
"My interview featured some interesting (but not too difficult) maths/logic problems, as well as standard questions about why I had applied, what degree I was studying etc."
Intern, London
"I was asked the standard 'why Metaswitch' questions, and had to solve some logic and maths problems, eg 'what is the minimum number of cuts needed to split a cube into 27 smaller cubes.'"
Intern, Enfield, London
"I was asked a series of logic-based questions including multiple choice questions and some problem solving ones."
Intern, Coventry
"There was test of mathematical and non-verbal reasoning skills and then a series of computing-related puzzles, which I was asked to solve and then discuss my solutions to."
Intern, London
"I was asked some basic theoretical compsci questions and some logical maths questions. Having compsci experience not really required, but does help."
Intern, Cambridge
"The interviewers asked about my past experience. The questions didn't require past programming knowledge, but did require problem solving skills and some mathematical ability."
Intern, London
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