Interview: Tips & Advice


"There's an application form online which was relatively easy to fill out. As for the interviews, they take place over the course of a day with three written tasks and a face-to-face interview (part of which will discuss your solutions to the written tasks). My best advice for the written tasks would be to explain what you're thinking – whether it's right or wrong, your thought process is what they're looking at. The same goes for the interview. Time can be tight, but try not to rush or you'll make silly mistakes."
Support, Intern, Enfield
"After short online tests, successful candidates get invited to an assessment day. While there you'll be asked to complete a few more tests and get asked in-depth questions that take a while to think about. For these, you need to produce well-thought-out answers. Don't rush, and take your time to think things through properly."
Intern, Enfield
"In the interview be confident, and take time to talk to your interviewers and ask them any questions you may have."
Intern, London
"Applications are a three stage process: 1) Apply online, there is is a very lengthy and time consuming application; 2) Complete some online assessments; 3) In person interview which is very long, but only lasts for one round. Metaswitch is also very quick to respond to applications. You're not kept waiting for more than a week at each stage."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I had to fill out a long online form about my qualifications and why I was well suited to the position. Following this I received a reply inviting me to do a fairly simple mathematical and non-verbal reasoning test online. After completing that I was invited to an interview in a week or so"
Intern, London
"The process consisted of an online test, an on-site test and then a problem solving and discussion exercise. My advice is to warm up your brain before the online test using brain training apps or similar. It's the part where most of the candidates fail."
Intern, Edinburgh
"My advice is to be honest, show a willingness to learn, and to be open. Don't worry if you don't have prior programming experience as the company does offer some training."
Intern, Enfield, London
"Make sure you stay focused during the tests you have to sit during your interview. You aren't given long to complete them, and it can be easy to lose concentration."
Intern, London
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