"The amount of time the employees and company set aside to make sure that the internship is worth it for all interns is very impressive."
Intern, Edinburgh
"The workplace culture is very relaxed and there is always help available if you need it."
Intern, Enfield
"Great work environment; everyone is very helpful and friendly. I was given a useful task within a big project and felt that I was making a real contribution. Great for communication and programming skills, especially since I had little programming experience prior to starting."
Intern, Cambridge
"The three day intern hackathon MetaSwitch organised"
Intern, London
"During my internship I worked on real projects that had an actual impact on the company."
Intern, London
"Metaswitch offers a good working environment and the whole internship aims to make sure you learn something."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I really appreciated being set meaningful work and being given an opportunity to learn The supportive manager and relaxed atmosphere were also major pluses, as was being put up in company housing within walking distance of the office."
Intern, Enfield, London
"The social life is very good; there were lots of clubs to get involved in and the other interns were lovely."
Intern, London
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